Training Programmes and Seminars

Full 3 Year Training Programme – 2021

This 3 year training programme is at the heart of the Open Dialogue service in Western Lapland. As many as 90% of the staff in the service have undertaken the training, and it is considered to be the most significant factor in the success that has been achieved in the service. The training programme has been developed over the past 30 years, based on their experience of what has proved most effective in their work. The programme in the UK will be led by senior members of the Open Dialogue team from Western Lapland and other trainers who are leading the development of the Open Dialogue approach internationally, and commences in Spring 2021. For more details please click here.

Foundation Training Programme – 2021

Whilst it is clear that the full three year training is central to the development of Open Dialogue within services, we also feel that it is important to offer shorter training programmes in order to help the approach develop more widely within services. Participants will learn the essential skills for starting to use the approach. Our foundation training in London will consist of five blocks of 4 days spread over the course of the year. The training will be led by Volkmar Aderhold, Petra Hohn and Nick Putman, and will commence in February 2021. For more information please visit this page. This training can also be run on an in-house basis in the NHS and internationally. Please contact us for more information.

One and Two Day Seminars and Five Day Workshops

Over the past five years we have been running one and two day seminars across the UK and internationally to introduce the Open Dialogue approach. These seminars can cover any of the following topics:

  • Background and history of the development of the approach
  • The 7 principles and 12 key elements of dialogical practice
  • The structure of the service in Lapland
  • The practice of facilitating network/family meetings
  • Aims and process in the work
  • Psychosis and medication
  • Outcome research
  • The roots of the approach – systemic family therapy, Gregory Bateson, social constructionism, collaborative therapy, dialogical theory/Bakhtin, etc.

We are now also running five day workshops which, in addition to the above content, also enable participants to go deeper into practice through role plays and various exercises.

For more details please click here.

Custom Seminars/Trainings

If you would like a more customised training programme, tailored to your particular service/needs, please contact us to let us know, as it may be possible to arrange this.