Full 3 Year Training Programme

Full Three Year Open Dialogue Training Programme

London, UK
for NHS and other mental health teams, independent practitioners and peers

We hope to announce details of our next three year training programme soon. Please feel free to contact us to express your interest in participating in the next programme.

The training programme will consist of 20 training days per year over a period of three years, and will be divided into 4 blocks of 5 days per year, spread over the year. The training will be a mixture of theory/practice days, which will consist of short presentations, discussions about the literature on the reading list, and reflective conversations, experiential learning and roleplays, supervision days with live and videotaped sessions, family of origin seminars where trainees will explore their own family background, and required reading. The breakdown of the number of days for each of these components of the training is as follows:

  • Theory days: 27 days
  • Supervision days: 21 days
  • Family of origin days: 12 days

In addition to this there will be 3 days of work in peer groups per year, 5 days per year allocated for essay writing, and around 400 pages of reading per training block.  It is a requirement that trainees will have 300 hours of clinical experience of using the approach by the end of the training – clinical work will take place in the second and third years of the training. Details of the assessment process and additional resources that will be made available to trainees can be found on the right of this page.

Reading material will include articles and books on the Open Dialogue approach, as well as on approaches that have had a significant influence on the development of Open Dialogue (i.e. Gregory Bateson, Systemic Family Therapy, Network Therapy, Tom Anderson, Collaborative Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Social Constructionism, Bahktin and other dialogical approaches).