One and Two Day Seminars and Five Day Workshops around the UK

One and Two Day Seminars

Over the past five years we have been running one and two day seminars across the UK and internationally to introduce the Open Dialogue approach. We are now running seminars in our new premises in Dalston, London, but can also travel to your location/organisation.

Our seminars can cover any of the following topics, depending on your needs:

  • Background and history of the development of the approach
  • The 7 principles and 12 key elements of dialogical practice
  • The structure of the service in Lapland
  • The practice of facilitating network/family meetings
  • Aims and process in the work
  • Psychosis and medication
  • Outcome research
  • The roots of the approach – systemic family therapy, Gregory Bateson, social constructionism, collaborative therapy, dialogical theory/Bakhtin, etc.
  • Developments in the UK

Five Day Workshops

We are now also running five day workshops in the Open Dialogue approach, with two trainers, in which, in addition to the above content, it is also possible to start to practice the approach in more depth through the use of role plays and various exercises.

If we are travelling to your location/organisation, there are two ways that the seminars/workshops can be arranged. Either you can organise and promote the event yourself and we would charge a flat fee for the day, or we can organise and promote it, as long as we have a local contact person who can assist with the selection of a venue and the distribution of promotional material. With this latter method people would book onto the seminar via our website, i.e. the event would be open to anyone who wishes to book.

If you are interested in us running an event in your area, please complete the form below to let us know.

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