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Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Schizophrenic Psychoses: Past, Present and Future – Yrjö O. Alanen, Ann-Louise Silver (Paperback)


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Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Schizophrenic Psychoses brings together professionals from around the world to provide an extensive overview of the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis. Divided into three parts – past, present and future – the book begins by examining the history of the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis, with reference to Freud, Jung, Harry Stack Sullivan and Adolf Meyer, amongst others. Part II then takes a geographical look at treatment and its evolution in different parts of the world including the UK, USA, a large number of European Countries, Eastern Asia and New Zealand. Finally, part III covers the range of interventions, from psychoanalytic psychotherapy to cognitive therapy to pharmacological treatments, with the aim of helping to shape the future intervention of treatment.  With contributions from leading figures in the field, this book will provide a varied examination of treatment, and spark much-needed debate about its future. As such it will be essential reading for all mental health professionals, in particular those involved in psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy.

Yrjö O. Alanen is a psychoanalyst, family therapist and Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Turku, Finland.

Manuel González de Chávez is a Professor of Psychiatry, Complutense Madrid University and Chief of Psychiatric Services, University Hospital “Gregorio Maranon”, Spain.

Ann-Louise S.Silver is psychoanalyst and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, USA.

Brian Martindale is a psychoanalyst and Consultant Psychiatrist at the Early Intervention in Psychosis Services, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust, UK.

“A wonderful book that should be read by all professionals that deal with schizophrenia!” – Luc Ciompi, Professor Emeritus of Social Psychiatry, University of Basel, Switzerland

“I am delighted to bring to the attention of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals across the world the work reflected in this book.” – Professor Juan E. Mezzich, M.D., Ph.D., President of the World Psychiatric Association


Foreword by Juan E. Mezzich
Part I: The past: early history of the treatment of schizophrenic psychoses and the pioneers of the psychotherapeutic approach
1. Can we approach schizophrenic patients from a psychological basis? Yrjö O. Alanen
2. Treatment of psychoses before the twentieth century Manuel González de Chávez
3. The Schreber case and Freud’s double-edged influence on the psychoanalytic approach to psychosis Yrjö O. Alanen
4. The Burghölzli School: Bleuler, Jung, Spielrein, Binswanger and others Klaus Hoffman
5. The pioneering work of Paul Federn Yrjö O. Alanen
6. Pioneers of the psychoanalytically oriented treatment of psychosis in the USA Ann-Louise S. Silver

PART II: From past to present: world developments from the 1940s to the present
7. United States of America: psychodynamic developments, 1940s to the present Ann-Louise S. Silver and Laurie Stedman
8. Great Britain
Part 1: The contribution of Kleinian innovations to the treatment of psychotic patients Murray Jackson
Part 2. Psychological therapies for schizophrenic psychoses in the UK David Kennard
9. German-speaking Central Europe
Part I: The development of psychosis psychotherapy in Switzerland Klaus Hoffman
Part 2: The development of psychosis psychotherapy in Germany and Austria Stravros Mentzos
10. France, the contribution of some French psychoanalysts to the clinical and theoretical approaches to transference in the psychodynamic treatment of psychosis Jean-Max Gaudillière and Françoise Davoine
11. Italy: the psychiatric care reform bill and development of psychotherapeutic approaches Marco Alessandrini and Massimo Giannantonio
12. Northern Europe: developments in the Scandinavian countries Jukka Aaltonen, Yrjö O. Alanen, Johan Cullberg, Svein Hausgjerd, Sonja Levander and Bent Rosenbaum
Sweden – from Bjerre the Parachute project Sonja Levander and Johan Cullberg
Norway – wards for intensive psychotherapy Svein Hausgjerd
Denmark – progress by means of project work Bent Rosenbaum
Finland – continuous efforts to a shared space of understanding Jukka Aaltonen and Yrjö O. Alanen
13. Eastern Europe: did the Iron Curtain influence the use of psychotherapy in treatment of people diagnosed with a schizophrenic disorder? Jack Bomba
14. Eastern Asia:
Part 1: Developments in Eastern Asia – a focus on Singapore Lyn Chua
Part 2: Taopsychotherapy in Korea Chan Hee Huh
15. New Zealand: a history of treatment approaches to psychosis J. Geekie, M. Taitimu, P. Randal, D. Rook, M. Ang, J. Read

PART III: From present to future: different modalities of treatment and interventions
16. Psychodynamic treatment of psychosis in the USA: promoting development beyond biological reductionism Brian Koehler and Ann-Louise S. Silver
17. The family in schizophrenic disorder: systemic approaches Helm Stierlin
18. Group psychotherapy and schizophrenia Manuel González de Chávez
19. Cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis Robert Dudley, Alison Brabban and Douglas Turkington
20. Psychopharmacological treatment and psychotherapy in schizophrenic psychoses
Part 1: Challenges of antipsychotic drug treatment in schizophrenia Jarmo Hietala
Part 2: The principles of using and not using neuroleptics in the Finnish need-adapted approach to the treatment of schizophrenic psychoses Viljo Räkköläinen and Jukka Aaltonen
21. Prevention and early intervention in psychosis Tor K. Larsen
22. Psychotherapy and rehabilitation: a comparison between psychotherapeutic approaches and psychiatric rehabilitation for persons with serious and persistent mental illness Courtenay M. Harding and Dennis J. McCrory
23. Soteria: a treatment model and a reform movement in psychiatry Volkmar Aderhold
24. Deinstitutionalization and neuroleptics the myth and reality Robert Whitaker
25. Further development of treatment approaches to schizophrenic psychoses: an integrated view Yrjö O. Alanen, Manuel González de Chávez, Ann-Louise S. Silver and Brian Martindale

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