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Innovations in the Reflecting Process – Harlene Anderson & Per Jensen (Paperback)


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‘This is an important book for our Series. It brings together people who have either previously contributed books to this Series or have been “present” in many volumes through the force and influence of their ideas. The book engages the reader at two levels. On one level it demonstrates how the ideas that Tom Andersen promulgates can be developed, or, as it seems in several chapters, how they can act as a springboard for other major contributors to the family therapy field such as Hoffman, Seikkula, Shotter and Harlene Anderson to develop and refine their own theoretical positions. Central to these authors are Andersen’s notion of respect, resourcefulness of clients, collaborative relationships, dialogue, and, of course, the well-known reflecting process, but because these authors are sharpening the cutting edge of their own thinking, they are bringing fresh ideas for contemporary therapists.’ – David Campbell and Ros Draper, from the Editors’ Foreword

‘The passion to continually be on the move to seek new understanding is a characteristic of the field of family therapy and systemic thinking over the last forty years. Many professionals have moved around, more or less freely, in and out of this field. Some have made footprints that will last for a long time. One of these is Tom Andersen. From a position as professor in social psychiatry at the University of Tromsø in northern Norway he has moved around the world participating with other professionals in their efforts to develop their work and seek wider horizons.’ – Harlene Anderson and Per Jensen, from the Preface

Harlene Anderson (USA) is a Founding Member of the Houston Galveston Institute and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Our Lady of the Lake University, Houston. She is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of family therapy and for her postmodern collaborative approach to therapy and education.

Per Jensen (Norway) is an Associate Professor, Masters Programme in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice, Diakonhjemmet University College, Oslo, Norway.

1. Practising ‘Withness”: a human art Lynn Hoffman
2. “Reflecting talk”, “inner talk”, and “outer talk”: Tom Andersen’s way of being John Shotter & Arlene Katz
3. Creating a space for a generative community Harlene Anderson
4. Flashbacks in war: a consultation with reflections Peggy Penn
5. Voicing Voices Adela G. García & Lino Guevara
6. Open Conversations that weave changes in contexts of poverty or wealth Roxanna Zevallos & Nelly Chong
7. Conversation, language and the written word Judit Wagner
8. Balancing between peripheral and central positions when we’re invited to be central Helena Maffei Cruz & Marília de Freitas Pereira
9. Celebrating moments of discomfort Judy Rankin
10. Networks on networks: initiating international cooperation for the treatment of psychosis Jaakko Seikkula
11. True stories: acts of informing and forming Eugene Epstein, Manfred Wiesner, & Margrit Epstein
12. The June Seminars at the North Calotte Magnus Hald, Eva Kjellberg, Anders Lindseth, & Pål Talberg
13. Crossroads Tom Andersen, in conversation with Per Jensen

“Living at 70 in 2006”, Anna Margrete Flåm
14. “When it starts buzzing in your ears, you must lean forward!” Knut Beine Lykken & Trygve Grann-Meyer
15. Of course I knew everything from before, but…Georg Høyer
16. A small “musical” greeting from ‘The Chamber Music Group, Seven Sisters’ Rebekka Alne, Heidi Susann Emaus, & Anki Godø Giæver, together with Liv Marit Edvardsen, Åsrun Gjølstad, Gry Årnes, Tone Vangan Fagerheim
17. Thank you, Tom Eva Albert
18. Movements of Life Berit Ianssen
19. Our inspiration to write a book together: clinical experience and reflections in psychomotor physiotherapy Gudrun Øvreberg
20. An expanded framework: employing psychomotor physiotherapy in arenas other than the treatment of individual patients Eli Rongved
21. What does it mean to be human? Barbro Collén, Curt Westin, & Madeleine Thörnlund
22. A tribute to Tom – humbly, from the heart of the Norwegian Family Therapy Association Pål Abrahamsen, Kirsti Ramfjord Haaland, & Hans Christian Michaelsen

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